Sunday, August 10, 2008

Feng Shui Video

This is the best feng shui video explaining color and the five elements for decorating.


Not your Average Jo said...

I came across this post and I really loved the video on Feng Shui, I really learned a lot and hoep it will help me in the future, thatnks. If you don't mind, come check out this latest home that I staged, I would love your opinion, be honest I can take it.
Looking forward to your Comments.....Jo

Unknown said...
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Stage It Up said...

Great article! The video streamlined the information from numerous texts on Feng Shui and simplified a complex concept. IT will be very beneficial in my business at

Elizabeth J. Neal said...

In Feng Shui, the elements are some of these lucky items that can help you bring more money and luck into your life. Here's a tip. feng shui

Sheron Cardin said...

I see this video cannot be viewed any longer. My apologies.

My feng shui art can now be viewed at

This site is under development with many back stories and remedy methods coming.

I appreciate you stopping by and sharing.