Thursday, January 24, 2008

Can You Stage Your Home Yourself?

What if you REALLY need to sell your house fast before the bank takes it back and you are flat broke. The $2000 budget (without labor of course) as seen on HDTV with such shows as Designed To Sell is unthinkable! Having professionals tell you they want to come in and stage your home just makes you throw your hands up and yell “You’re not listening…I am flat broke!”.

I know I know I know; been there, done that, lost the t-shirt.

This ‘What if’ scenario is not only real but it is happening in every neighborhood across America… stress levels are up through the roof and hope has all but disappeared! You are in a panic and cannot think straight.

  • You are behind on your mortgage
  • You have to sell your house before it forecloses and what is left of your good credit will be ruined
  • Homes are for sale all around you and yours is a mess.
  • You don’t have enough money to go around much less enough to hire a stager
  • You have no where to go

Is there anything you can do about it? YES! Grab the bull by the horns, as my father would say, and get it done…just do it yourself if you have to!

And that is exactly what I do when things get tough...and that is why I know you can do it too. I wrote Do-It-Yourself Home Staging Instructions just for this situation. It is a step by step instructional tutorial with a to do list and a checklist to stage your own home…as though I were right beside you.

Staging a property to sell is really nothing more than a watered down version of new construction model homes. Staging an occupied home (yours) takes much more effort and sacrifice but it can and must be done! You cannot take the chance of loosing everything when it is a fact that staged homes sell 50% quicker than the competition. You will increase your chances to get your asking price...this isn't just hype; these are current facts!

Who am I and how can I help?

My interior decorating career began in the model home industry…that was almost 27 years ago.
Where am I now and who am I? Currently I am on the board of the Real Estate Staging Association of North America; I am one of the top bloggers for professional home stagers in Active Rain, and help and support the staging industry as a whole through developing activities such as Stager Idol which is going on right now, I am most proud of my Internet business that offers Do It Yourself Home Staging Checklist and Instructions so you don’t have to loose your house. You too can take the necessary steps and increase your odds right now without waiting until it is too late.

I am not suggesting staging your own home in the good times, there is nothing like a professional stager or interior designer/decorator to come in and put the wow factor to work. But in these very hard times, you can do the basics your self! I invite you to visit and get started…increase your odds of selling right now!


cris said...

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Fan of Reflections said...

Reflections gbg ( often works with designers to stage homes for sale. They would also be of some help if you wanted to stage your home yourself! They have also worked with developers to set up the model homes. Check out their website!

Rupinder said...

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Treasured Spaces said...

Excellent tips for anyone who thinks they can go it alone. A lot of people don't take things like mortgage costs into consideration.

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