Monday, May 14, 2007

Home Staging used for Home Staying?

Fact: The majority of the public, 95% of Americans, cannot afford a real Interior Designer. But what people don't realize is the Professional Home Stager actually uses many techniques employed by high end designers.

What is a Home Stager?

A home Stager is an individual that pears down and rearranges the furnishings and accessories of a homeowner who is getting ready to sell their house. They make sure that every space of a home has been prepared for viewing by potential home buyers. They often use their own "props" to achieve a decorated look and even have their own inventory. But what I want to talk about is the techniques used that are also used by an Interior Designer.

What are these high end decorating techniques?
  1. Clearing a space - moving or emptying a room. Seldom does a designer just select one occasional chair and set it in a room full of old and tired furnishings.
  2. Introduces a new color scheme - of course! Get your color off your walls and onto interchangeable objects like pillows, wall hangings, window coverings, accessories, flowers.
  3. Let the room breathe and tell a story - arrange the furniture for ease of flow. If a decorator ever comes into your home and lines the furniture up around the room against the walls, they are an impostor! Group the seating for conversation and stop blocking the windows.
  4. Introduce one or two unique objects that say WOW and then leave. Your work is done.
How do I know?

I am one of those high end Interior Designers that has written what I have done to stage homes and it is now available to the public. So if you want to stay put, get a new look that works in your everyday life but says WOW to you, your family and friends then click here.


Anonymous said...

Interior design is very interesting. I was interested in that field when I was a little younger and now that I'm getting old enough to consider purchasing a home, it's hard to focus on the interior design part of the home when the outside and the structure makes a big deal too. I was watching "Bought & Sold" on HGTV that airs every Wednesday at 10pm and I see all kinds of houses that are designed gorgeously on the inside and it's amazing. I know this because I work with them. You should check it out at,panel=videos.

Sheron Cardin said...

Hi there,
I checked out the web address you left and it does not load completely. I will check out the series. Thanks for the tips and please come by and leave your name next time.

FSBO Louisville said...

I used to take real estate photos and it is amazing how much faster a home sells that has been staged. Especially, when it is up against empty houses or homes that have people who live in them - but have their clutter everywhere!

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Treasured Spaces said...

Great info for anyone thinking about using a stager to sell their home faster!

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