Saturday, March 15, 2008

You Can Put Your Doubts To Rest About the Benefits of Home Staging Once and for All

The Los Angeles Times came out with an article on the Benefits of Staging a Home that proves once and for all that staging a property does make a difference in the outcome (and income) for the seller.

What is really exciting about the article is RESA's very own Vice President of the Year winner Michelle Minch of Moving Mountains Design, who provided the success story.

Congratulations Michelle!

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Carmen Rodriguez from Lima Peru said...

Not really about this theme, but I'm really mad asking if it's posible not to have a dinner room. My problem is that my house is full of levels. The kitchen, the living room, the bedrooms, all is in a different level, with its own staircases of course. So when I have a reunion or party, it's so so hard to bring all the food climbing staircases every single minute and my guests are some in the table (round one) and the rest aren't comfortable. My daughter has told me (excuse my grammar), what if we don't have a proper dinning room, only two living rooms. Have you ever seen something like that? Or maby some kind of table that isn't really a table?? Let me tell you that the width of this place is only 9 feets. what do you think?